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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's In A Name?

I remember that I admired them from first moment I heard of their enterprise. I remember that when I first tasted their product it was love at first bite. The most important thing, is that I remember exactly where it was that I became friends with the two entrepreneurs behind Lloyd the Taco Truck. It was a fundraiser for them, after their truck broke down shortly after they opened. 
It was very clear from the start of the event that they were in the weeds. Too many locals showed up to support them.  Along with Buffalo music legend Nelson Starr, I stepped into help them out. Nothing has been the same since. 
This afternoon while walking through a local market perusing hot sauces, a pale green label caught me eye. Lloyd's soon to be famous Rocket Sauce is now available day and night.  Of course, I had to buy two bottles for myself - one for the display and one to taste. 

The taste was as I remembered it, unsullied by the bottling process. Then I read the label. To my dismay it listed chilis (sic) as an ingredient.

The fruit of the genus Capsicum is a Chile, though my preference is Chilli which is closer to the original nahuatl and avoids confusion with the Country. Chili refers to a stew of meat and chillies, whilst Pepper is something you put in a pepper-mill. Chilies (on the Lloyd website) is right out.

I realize that some authorities suggest otherwise.  They are wrong.

You may now go back to your bars, your temples, your massage parlors . . .  I hope our friendship will survive.

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