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Monday, April 2, 2012

Stock vs. Broth: The Final Answer

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle.

A single question has long occupied center stage in the culinary world: what is the difference between a stock and a broth and a bouillon?

Does it have bones or just meat. Strained or clarified or nothing at all. The liquid leftover as a result of cooking. A pristine fluid resulting from the painstaking simmering of expensive ingredients or the odds and ends that are the residue of cookery.

What does Escoffier say? Or McGee. Can it come from a can or box. What about pastes or cubes.

I, Scott D. Harris, have undertaken to find a definitive answer by a painstaking analysis of the reference material available in my library. The graphic below really is a link to the data resulting from that meticulous research, together with citations to the source material.

Now, as a result of my punctilious analysis, let me, Scott D. Harris, at last put this debate to rest at once and for all in simple, yet authoritative terms:

Shut the FRAK up and cook!

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