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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

From Alison this morning:

Top Ten Reasons You’re Awesome 

10. When you watch football or news you yell at the TV. 

9. Your jokes are 1,000,000,001 times funnier than any joke ever told by anyone. 

8. When we hike as a family you make everything hysterical and adventurous. 

7. When we get to spend time you and I laugh until our faces turn red 

6. Even sad things become a little happier when your there 

5. You’re shockingly firm with us but as nice and sweet as a tiny kitten 

4. You are the best chef ever, my favorite foods you make are meatloaf and cheese burgers. 

3. You always come up with good ideas to make everything exciting 

2. You are funnier than 5,000,000 circus clowns. 

1. You are never hesitant to tell how much you love us!

Alison and my Dad 6/17/12

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