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Monday, December 3, 2012

Name Recognition

I have heard nothing but good about this cookbook by Fred Thompson. The word of mouth in the Food world has been nothing but positive. It is appearing on best of 2012 lists, in good company things like Thomas Keller, Bruce Aidells, Ruhlman/Polcyn and Jacques Pepin. William Grimes of the NY Times included it in his list, describing the author: he has a missionary’s fervor for the sides and vegetables that he calls, in his introduction, "the apex of Southern cooking.”

It is an American region deserving of more attention, and an oft overlooked aspect of the dining experience. In short, a book I'd enjoy.

But I am not just a cook, I am a policy wonk and a political junkie, and my first thought was of Watergate lawyer, Movie and TV actor, US Senator, presidential candidate, Fox News analyst and reverse mortgage shill Fred Thompson.

I can't be the only one who had to check.  Unfortunate, no?


  1. I never heard of the book until now and you had me going. I'm thinking, "Seriously? That guy!" I was never impressed by his acting or policy.

    So I opened another tab and looked it up. Whew. Although I think this Fred Thompson lost a little credibility when he penned "Grilling with Gas" but that's just me being a snob.

  2. It was a double take for me too, Jon. I did like him in Hunt for Red October.

    As for the other Fred, you must admit the title has more punch than the more accurate "Baking With An Outdoor Propane Oven" . . .